Play Framework - The High Velocity Web Framework

The Play Framework combines productivity and performance making it easy to build scalable web applications with Java and Scala. Play is developer friendly with a “just hit refresh” workflow and built-in testing support. With Play, applications scale predictably due to a stateless and non-blocking architecture. By being RESTful by default, including assets compilers, JSON & WebSocket support, Play is a perfect fit for modern web & mobile applications.

1,Install Play Framework

Install Play with SBT

We provide a number of sample projects that have an ./sbt launcher in the local directory. These can be found on our download page. This launcher will automatically download dependencies without you having to install SBT ahead of time.


Running Play with SBT

SBT provides all the necessary commands to run your application. You can use sbt run to run your app.

sbt run

Installing Play with Activator

Activator is a wrapper for SBT that provides a nice graphical user interface and access to a library of third-party templates. Some new users prefer this interface to just using SBT. Note that since Activator is a wrapper for SBT, any commands referencing the sbt command can also be used with the activator command.

2,Creating a new application

3,Using the Play console

4, Setting-up your preferred IDE

5, Anatomy of a Play application

6, Play Tutorials

7, Play for Java developers

8, Play for Scala developers

Written on November 27, 2016