Resources about ReactiveX, RxJava & RxAndroid & Retrofit


1,ReactiveX RxJava Wiki

2, RxJava at Github

3,What is Functional Reactive Programming?


1,Wiki: The RxJava Android Module

2,Grokking RxJava, Part 1: The Basics

3,Grokking RxJava, Part 2: Operator, Operator

4,Grokking RxJava, Part 3: Reactive with Benefits

5,Grokking RxJava, Part 4: Reactive Android

6,RxJava for UI events on Android example

7,Top 7 Tips for RxJava on Android

RxJava & Android @ GitHub

1,Learning RxJava for Android by example

2,An example project of an Android architecture built on RxJava

3,RxJava composable observer for touch events, without inversion of control

4,simple comparison between Retrofit with & without RxJava

5,Java SE 8: Lambda Quick Start

Using RxJava with Retrolambda or Groovy on Android

Written on September 22, 2015